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a whole lot of new

over the past few years this blog has had its fair share of changes. new layout, new post style, new me, really. and for a while i just wasn't feeling like blogging anymore. 
i had lost my passion, and i seriously wondered why anyone would ever want to read anything i have ever written. for me, writing has always been a passion; a gift that God blessed me with for whatever reason, and after a long road of not liking my own writing i just gave up on it. 
until now. 
there's been a little bit of a change on the blog. new url, new title. i've basically taken what i had, stripped it down to its bear bones and started new, because sometimes that's what we have to do. 
i'm actually really excited to get this blog going all over again. to be writing and hopefully making you laugh... it's just a time for something new. 


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